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I liked the concept of having a coffee that brings in real health benefits (+ I was already having collagen from Vital Proteins but the taste wasnt good), so Reformed seemed like a good option, altough I was pretty skeptical that it would taste good. Well I was wrong. It tastes really nice. I have it cold every morning and I am actually looking forward to it when waking up. Only note is the glass bottle provided isn't really suited to hot liquids so I sometimes need to use my own cup. Aside from this, I really can't complain. And the whole thing really looks beautiful. I've just ordered the Mocha to give it a try as well!

Ranjeet Bassan


This truly is a gamechanger. Smooth taste with so many benefits compared to the usual coffees. I take this with me if going away, as nothing compares. It is organic coffee - that alone makes this great! Then we have the adaptogens and collagen. Its great as you do not have to buy so many products - they are all here in one!



Pretty impressive. I had a lot of doubts about how it would taste but its really enjoyable. Lots of health benefits, I am already noticing joint health improvement (my joints are in a terrible state). Can't see any reason why drink any other coffee than this one now really.



I was skeptical about the taste but I'm pretty impressed to be very honest. I love to drink it cold every morning, can barely feel the collagen in there and it does make me feel very good. Will continue on the subscription.

Julia Z.


I love the it so much. I'm always terrified of the collagen smell but cannot feel it at all. I always add a bit of milk with hot water, it does not have the muddy taste of mushroom either. It's just a nutritious delicious coffee - love my new morning routine!

Adam P


Good protein kick in the morning. It’s funny because I dont really feel the need to eat anything else when I have this coffee because it feels like I already got what I need - altough it’s probably not enough? Anyways it does taste like a nice coffee and I am feeling energetic. Been on this for 7 days, will wait a bit more to make sure I keep my subscription.



Tastes amazing and handy to get extra protein and vitamins



Great tasting coffee, a new morning favourite



Ordered both flavors and prefer the black coffee! Will be continuously ordering this from now on.



I used to put collagen and mushrooms into my morning coffee, so this made complete sense. It tastes good and is the price for the value is good. Currently on my month 2 and haven’t planned to stop

Sophie H.


Just tried the Collagen Black Coffee. I was expecting it to taste pretty bad given everything that’s in there but I am positively surprised. I am a big caffeine addict and I’ve been thinking of taking collagen supplements for months so I decided to give this a try although I usually dont buy online. Happy with it and hopefully now replaced my morning coffee as it tastes very similar and is way better for my health. They made a mistake as they didn’t deliver the accessories (which look really nice) but emailed them and got them 2 days after. I will keep you posted on how my new routine goes


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