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A Guide to Reformed: Black Coffee vs Mocha

A Guide to Reformed: Black Coffee vs Mocha

At Reformed, we're redefining coffee with our unique blends that not only taste incredible but also support your health and wellness. Let's dive into the key differences between our two star products: Black Coffee and Mocha.  
Our Organic Collagen Black Coffee is crafted for those who love the classic coffee experience with a health twist. It combines: 
Organic Colombian Coffee: Rich, smooth, and sustainably sourced. 
Collagen Protein: Enhances muscle strength and promotes skin, hair, and nail health.  
Adaptogenic Mushrooms: Boosts mental clarity and focus. 
Vitamins & Minerals: Supports overall health. This blend provides a robust coffee flavour while delivering a smooth energy boost and additional wellness benefits.
Our Organic Collagen Mocha adds a chocolatey delight to your daily ritual. It features: 
Everything in our Black Coffee: Including organic Colombian coffee, collagen protein, adaptogenic mushrooms, and vitamins & minerals. 
Organic Cocoa Powder: Fair trade and rich in antioxidants, it offers a heart-healthy, mood-enhancing flavour. 
Organic Coconut Milk: Adds creaminess and essential electrolytes for hydration. The Mocha blend is perfect for those who enjoy a hint of chocolate with their coffee, offering a luxurious taste while providing the same health benefits as our Black Coffee. 
Why Choose Reformed? Both of our blends are crafted with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring you get the best of taste and health in every cup. Whether you prefer the straightforward, robust flavour of Black Coffee or the rich, creamy delight of Mocha, Reformed has something for every coffee lover looking to enhance their daily routine with added wellness benefits.


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